Following the guidelines laid down by Fabrice Hergott, Marc-Olivier Wahler and their specialist teams, each artist is invited to show two interrelated works, one at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris/ARC, and the other at the Palais de Tokyo. The intention is to underscore the complementarity between the two institutions, while providing the artists with a unique opportunity to extend their range and outreach.

Stereo, symmetry, dialectic: embracing a host of media and stylistic approaches, the project aims at highlighting these artists' energy, while also pointing up their questionings, ambiguities and paradoxes.

"Dynasty" is thus a logical extension of the forward-looking agenda pursued since 1977 by ARC at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, notably with the Workshops series – a launchpad for numerous artists – and by Modules at the Palais de Tokyo, which has been showing two young artists per month since 2006. 

The project aims to sound out the emerging art sensibility in France, identify its convergences and divergences, and foster its international impact. "Dynasty" will also testify to the upsurge in Paris and France generally of art schools, art centres, the Regional Contemporary Art Collections and alternative venues.

Chiefs curators:

  • Fabrice Hergott
  • Marc-Olivier Wahler


  • Daria de Beauvais
  • Jessica Castex
  • Anne Dressen
  • Julien Fronsacq
  • Katell Jaffrès
  • Angeline Scherf

Assisted by:

  • Elsa Beaudoin,
  • Maxime Hourdequin,
  • Pénélope Ponchelet
  • Cloé Perrone