Whether it is a simple visit or a personalised project, the Musée d’Art Moderne cultural action department and their social adviser are available to help you plan activities and a tour adapted to your projects and the collections and exhibitions at the Museum.

Groups of children of adults

Lecture-visit: Take a guided tour of the Museum’s collections or temporary exhibitions.

Activity-visit: Take a guided tour on a particular theme in the collections. Visual experiments take place in front of some of the works during the visit.

“Visual arts” workshop: After a guided tour of the collections or temporary exhibitions, visitors go to these workshops to realise a visual arts project connected with their visit.

“Sounding materials” workshop: This workshop uses the materials of works in the Museum’s permanent collection as a sound source. Various materials are made to resonate. The sounds are collected using sensors and then listened to and used for compositions in the studio.

“Sound postcard” workshop: After visiting the permanent collection, visitors go out into the streets of Paris and to the places painted by the artists (e.g. the Eiffel Tower, the banks of the Seine). There they collect sounds. Back in the studio, they invent their own “sound postcard”.


Activity Visit: Get involved as a family in one of the Museum’s activities in the permanent collection or the temporary exhibitions (sound activities, visual arts, etc.).