Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Donation of works by Georg Baselitz

In 2020 the museum received a remarkable gift of six works by Georg Baselitz, testimony to the museum's special relationship with this artist since the major retrospective of 1997 and the Baselitz Sculptor exhibition of 2011.

Representative of the artist's career over the past forty years, each painting in the donation refers via its subject to an essential stage in his work: the tree, which was the theme of his first upside-down image; Remix, an updating of his scandalously successful painting, La grande nuit foutue (The Big Screwed Up Night); several Heads, the artist's favourite subject from the outset; and lastly a work from the series devoted to Sigmund Freud.

The six works making up the donation are Poirier (1976–1980), La tête d’Abgar (1984), Bruna (1992), Tête (1993), La grande pisse (Remix) (2007–2008) and M'sieur docteur ami/Freud de l'art (2011).

These works complement the two already in the museum's collection: L'Autoportrait à la tache bleue (1996) acquired by the Friends of the Museum after the major retrospective devoted to the painter in 1997, and Ma mère, Madame Cézanne (1996) donated by the artist in 2011.


Curator: Julia Garimorth