Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris


Various formats of workshop and tour have been designed for children and their parents to share a moment of discovery in the Museum. [These activities are only conducted in French]

Discovery visits with the family

Booklets (in French only) can be downloaded from the Museum website or picked up at reception. Families can use these to guide themselves around the permanent collections or the temporary exhibitions in the Museum. Parents and children are then invited to join a mediator in the collection room, a visual artist, who directs them in a workshop in visual creation.

Certain Saturdays and/or Sundays. Reservation required.

“Health and well-being for the family” workshops

These workshops are based on the energy arts of yoga and wutao. They are intended to awaken creativity in children and their parents by approaching art through the senses. During a visit to the permanent collections or to the temporary exhibitions, visitors are invited to express their sensitivity and to describe their emotional reactions to the artworks.

Certain Wednesdays. Reservation required.

Baby visit

In the Museum exhibition spaces, parents and their children take part in breathing and relaxation exercises inspired by yoga and wutao. After this experience of contemplation, the parents create a tactile surface for their child, relating to the works they have observed.

These visits are for parents with babies aged between 0 and 8 months. Reservation required.