Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Theta Frequency Session #1 Événement / Performance

Time scale 0h45
The : Thursday 28 September 2017 from 20h30 to 21h15

Betony étend la notion de bijou au corps tout entier et sans tabou.

Designer, “sexual anthropologist” and author of The Boudoir Bible, Betony Vernon is inspired by the body, the pleasures of the senses and by human sexuality.

The Boudoir Box, exhibited for the first time in Medusa- Jewelery and Taboos, is a luxury leather travel case containing thirty or more pieces of silver jewelery and objects designed for aesthetic as well as erotic effect.

On September 28th, Vernon’s latest work, the Theta Rig, will be presented.  It is the result of over 20 years of research on the effects of constraint and partial or total suspension on the human body and mind. The aim is to induce the Theta brainwave frequency state and its benefits via the horizontal suspension of her subject. This is maintained using leather straps that  are attached to a steel and bronze structure. As the state of abandonment advances, the subject’s brain  begins to emit the Theta brainwave frequency, which is also registered during trance, hypnosis, deep meditation, and even orgasm.

Theta Frequency Session #1 revisits bondage aesthetics. It is a physical experiment that also offers therapeutic properties. Indirectly, each member of the audience will also be able to experience the benefits.




The duration of each session is approximately 25 minutes
Nodody will be allowed to enter the room after the beginning of a session
Pictures are going to be accepted but all eletronic devices must be on airplane mode to avoid any interference with the performance